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Your journey to piano mastery starts with an introductory consultation at our studio. This appointment is completely free with no obligation whatsoever for you to enroll in the regular programs. You are not "bothering" us or "taking advantage" of us by coming in for the free consultation. If you are a parent considering our piano program for your child, be assured we enjoy meeting and working with kids of all ages!

We can only do so much with a web site to communicate to you our passion for and expertise in helping others enjoy making music the same way we do. In the same sense, you can discern almost nothing about a teacher via the typical brief phone call inquiring about price and location. The free consultation is how you will know if our program is right for you.

Your responses in the boxes below will assist in better utilizing the free consultation for your maximum benefit. However, contact us via the traditional means if you prefer ... we'll be glad to help you either way.

Phone Reception Hours Monday-Friday, 10 A.M to 7:00 P.M., leave message for return call

Chad Crawford, Administrator, 444-8379

Conveniently located at the Palmetto Music Institute studio, 1628 E. North Street in the East End Historical District near the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Easy access via I-385/Stone Avenue. Studio times are generally M-F mid-day to late, by appointment only. No solicitors please.

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Important Note! : if you do not receive a response within 24 hours it is due to technical malfunctions or spam filtering. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please leave a message for administrator Chad Crawford at 444-8379 to set up an appointment for your free introductory consultation!


Client Feedback...

"My daughter and I relocated from NYC, recently. She had started guitar lessons there, and I had been searching for a competent teacher for her , here, in Greenville. I was most fortunate to come across PMI’s website. The initial visit was straight-forward. Chad made me feel comfortable discussing my goals & expectations w/regards to my daughter’s needs. 3 months in, I can honestly say that Chad is EXACTLY the teacher I had been seeking for her. My daughter is highly intelligent, strong-willed and yet somewhat lackadaisical in her approach to most things. She is, also, a very sociable creature-who has the propensity to 'talk a bug off a vine'! Chad’s approach to this has been steady. He is 'authoritative' and not 'authoritarian'. We have seen significant results! Sofie loves him! In addition, his 'flying barely above the radar' sense of humor is a hoot and a half! And a total added gem. I cannot recommend his services, enough!" - Theresa McNeill, Greenville

"What I enjoy most about my guitar lessons with Palmetto Music Institute is the individualized approach Chad uses based on my preference in music mixed with his easy to follow, cumulative practice schedules. Within a few short months, I have noticed that my focus in practice is steadily moving onto more complicated, foundational techniques and my hands are able to keep up! Chad continues to emphasize every week the mental aspect of retraining your hands and fingers. I believe the emphasis on mental focus, a weekly detailed practice schedule, and some essential music theory make Palmetto Music Institute the best place in town to learn how to effectively and effortlessly play guitar!" - Brian Browning, Greenville

"Chad Crawford at Palmetto Music Institute is an excellent instructor as well as an outstanding guitarist. I been taking lessons for about a year, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. I have learned so much more about guitar and music in the time I have been taking lesson than I ever could on my own. I find his instruction challenging, encouraging, and rewarding. I look forward to each session. I highly recommend the Palmetto Music Institute." - Dave Harvey, Greenville

"I had always wanted to learn to play, but could never find the time during my younger years. I knew that at 50 years old, it would take a special instructor to help me learn to play. I searched all over Greenville trying to find the right person who was not only passionate about guitar, but also passionate about teaching guitar. I was almost ready to give up when I found the Palmetto Music Institute. Chad has a unique style of teaching in which all of the pieces fit together without becoming overwhelming. Each lesson along with the personal practice routine designed by Chad, will help each student develop an understanding of theory as well as well as practical applications for playing. I have been so impressed with Chad’s teaching abilities that I am now in my third year of lessons. I have been amazed at the progress I have been able to make. Progress doesn’t come without commitment. One must be willing to have patience, listen attentively and practice, practice, practice in order to make weekly improvements in playing the guitar." - Stan Pendergrass, Greenville

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