I can't seem to find your address or phone number. How do I get in touch with you?

Before you call to simply inquire as to price & location, bear in mind ... learning an instrument is an involved process that grows most effectively out of a good relationship with a skilled teacher. Identifying the right teacher for you is very important. It will be significantly to your best interests to come in for a free introductory consultation before making a decision as to whether our program is right for you (or your child). With that in view, you can find the phone number and address here.

How much will I need to invest to take advantage of your program?

The customary introductory consultation is free. The tuition rates start at $100 per month for individual private lessons. After we know more about your goals we can provide you with a more accurate assessment of what we need to do to meet them. This is why we offer the free introductory consultation. Contact us here for scheduling.

I am ready to get started. What do I do next?

Click here and complete the Connection Form to schedule your free introductory consultation. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why this program and not some other school or course?

You will not have to manage the pressure of a fast paced information mill, nor the frustration of an amateur learning how to teach at your expense. Instead, you will have the benefit of a professional instructor following a proven, structured program that will get you measureable results. Your teacher is passionate about your success and specifically skilled in the complex social/technical art of TEACHING piano as well as playing piano. The format is private one on one instruction or small group. The facility is conveniently located a few blocks off I-385 – easy in, easy out, to accommodate your busy schedule.

How long will I need to take lessons?

That will depend on your goals, and your practice routine. Learning piano is typically a multi-year process, with the number of years dependent upon your ultimate goals. We can cover new material and branch out into alternate styles and techniques for as long as you want to pursue it!

Do I need to have my own instrument?

Yes. We will be glad to offer advice regarding your selection of a piano or appropriate keyboard if you do not already have one.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours vary with enrollment. Generally, weekdays noon until late evening. Please contact us for current openings.

Where are you located?

In the East End Historic District of downtown Greenville, also known as the "Music District" due to the concentration of music teaching & music retail shops in this vicinity. Easy access Off I- 385 on the outskirts of downtown, in the community east of the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. 1628 East North Street, 29607.

Do you require a certain level of natural ability, or a certain rate of progress?

Our reputation depends on students’ successes. However, we both want this to be fun and do not intend for it to be a high pressure, frustrating endeavor. We require regular attendance and practice, and your progress will follow these two requirements. Learning an instrument is a long-term process and we do not expect or demand miracles from the students (and we ask the same consideration in return!).

Do I have to follow all of the course recommendations?

Your teacher has a much larger view of the subject and thus knows what you need to do to reach your goals. Some aspects of learning an instrument can be challenging as you are building the foundations of knowledge and physical technique. As a student (or parent), you may not be able to see the benefit of a given exercise or technique. We generally recommend that you follow program recommendations. If you ever feel that you are wasting your time with some particular aspect of the program, bring this to my attention. In such a case we will try to explain the reason behind the material or otherwise try to find an alternate solution to get the necessary results.

Will you teach me to play songs I select?

Generally, within the context of an overall program to improve skills across the board, yes. However this will be up to teacher's discretion. If, for instance, a client comes in on day one and wants solely to learn an advanced song with techniques that are far beyond the ability of a beginner, we will not be able to base a program on this. We will put this on the list of goals and will, over time, work on the skills required to play that type of song. Then, when the time is right, we will approach the song together.

What happens if I can not make a scheduled lesson appointment? Can we make up the lesson some other time?

We would like to offer you a job! Here are the terms: it is a great job helping others do something they love to do, but we need you to be flexible in regards to scheduling. Several times a week we will be out of the office for various reasons and we will need for you to remain at your work station without pay, and then either skip a meal, come in early morning or late evening, come in on your day off to make up for the lost time, or else just take a hit to your monthly salary, as we prefer. We will let you know a few minutes ahead of time when we will need you to do this, and when you will be working late or Saturday to make up the lost time. Basically just plan to be on call all week every week while only getting paid for part-time hours. When do you want to get started?.

This is the exact position that missed appointments put us in. We do not ask for a contract from our clients. However, what we do insist on is that customers agree with us for a mutually beneficial relationship. Once you ask us to reserve a time slot, we set that time aside for your benefit to the exclusion of others who would be willing to pay for that same time slot. We have expenses associated with the time slot such as rent, utilities, facilities maintenance, insurance, taxes, equipment, lesson preparation, and the commitment of time to your benefit. Whether you arrive for the lesson or not, the expenses associated with your reservation continue.

Our part of the lessons agreement is to invest money and time ahead of your lesson in order to have a welcoming facility, a skilled teacher, and an effective training program available for you. If we fulfill our part of the agreement then we insist on the agreed compensation, just as you ask your employer to pay you for your time. Therefore, we do not offer make ups, and we require payment for your reserved time slot as long as you wish to keep it reserved. We do understand that life throws curve balls and clients can not attend 100% of the time. Bear in mind, what you are investing in is music skill results rather than face time with your teacher. If you can not commit to a regularly scheduled day and time for piano training, and can not tolerate the thought of paying for a reservation in light of an occasional missed appointment, despite the results we deliver for you and all else we do to make this agreement a great value for you, then our program is probably not your best choice.

Client Feedback...

Joshua is an excellent Piano teacher. He is currently giving lessons to both of my daughters. He is very personable and makes fun and enjoyable. His patience is beyond belief." - Dana Faust, Easley